Here are a few enhancements, process, and technology, across the NFT and Crypto ecosphere.

NFT Transactions

  • increase the transparency of “Gas” transaction fees across NFT Marketplaces, in real-time, to encourage competitive fees.
  • Implement AI object recognition just before digital asset mint to search for “possible” duplicates, existing NFTs. Doesn’t prevent going ahead with minting, just a warning. Optionally, can display all similar NFTs
  • I haven’t seen any digital asset storage costs at the OpenSea NFT Marketplace. Do storage caps exist? If so, now much for additional storage?
  • In NFT marketplaces, is there a feature where a patron of the arts can commission a work of art? A patron may offer an artist on the marketplace a commission for “future” work. The commissioned work will be paid on whatever is agreed upon by the two parties. #ETH. There are outsourcing marketplaces like Freelancer.com and fiverr.com where graphics artists that specialize in creating NFTs can be solicited for new business, or they can bid on the project. So why push the Patron/Artist to the NFT marketplace? NFT marketplaces already have a wealth of NFT data, such as: the NFT artist portfolio, what have they sold and for how much? Compare the potential NFT Artist and their work within a particular category e.g. “Postmodern Art”. For NFT jobs with recognized brands, it may be ideal to either in-house the projects, and augment with outsource marketplaces.

Content / Collections

  • In the NFT Marketplace is there a backup process for our collections? Export of the entries, with all the metadata, logged for each item? Does not need to include the images, but includes text and description at a minimum.
  • NFT AI avatar and chatbot can be exportable from the NFT marketplace, and 3rd party platforms, such as gaming consoles can allow players to import these avatars for game play. Upon events in game play these avatars can have a library of potential actions,. For example, if it’s an Avatar basketball player, an event is “Dunk”, the Avatar is programmed with many possible responses.
  • Nintedo Wii was ahead of time, allowing users to build their aatars, and interact with the world of Wii

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