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Path to Enlightenment re: NFTs and ETH

Blockchain Project – Digitally Downloaded Games: Content and License Transfer

GameStop reminds me of Redbox and Netflix facing business model decimation as we transitioned from DVDs and Blu-Ray to streaming digital content. No more physical medium to borrow/rent, just streaming data from massive content libraries. Netflix pivoted early on and became a survivor and thriving revised business model. GameStop’s pre-owned buy-and-sell business model is in jeopardy…

Lack of Market Makers in Crypto Trading Contributes to Volatility

Lack of Market Makers in Crypto trading assets further contributes to the destabilization. From my perspective, I get constant notifications from Coinbase that tell me the last N hours had a price difference of +/- NN%. Typically 5% plus or minus. To me, these are erratic swings in prices make it very hard to predict…

Coinbase Bytes: The Countries Leaning into Crypto

CRYPTO WORLDWIDEFrom Brazil to Nigeria, global crypto adoption is on the rise despite market uncertaintyOne of the hallmarks of a crypto downturn is a steady drip (or deluge) of negative headlines, and this summer’s seen plenty already, from crypto prices plummeting to overextended crypto firms with liquidity issues. But this means promising developments, including the…

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