Crypto Market Volatility

Lack of Market Makers in Crypto Trading Contributes to Volatility

Lack of Market Makers in Crypto trading assets further contributes to the destabilization. From my perspective, I get constant notifications from Coinbase that tell me the last N hours had a price difference of +/- NN%. Typically 5% plus or minus. To me, these are erratic swings in prices make it very hard to predict … Continue reading “Lack of Market Makers in Crypto Trading Contributes to Volatility”

Dubai aims to become one of the world's top-10 cities for the metaverse economy, the emirate’s Crown Prince announced last month.

Coinbase Bytes: The Countries Leaning into Crypto

CRYPTO WORLDWIDE From Brazil to Nigeria, global crypto adoption is on the rise despite market uncertainty One of the hallmarks of a crypto downturn is a steady drip (or deluge) of negative headlines, and this summer’s seen plenty already, from crypto prices plummeting to overextended crypto firms with liquidity issues. But this means promising developments, … Continue reading “Coinbase Bytes: The Countries Leaning into Crypto”

Buy Bitcoin from Coinbase

Good til Canceled (GTC) Crypto

Core Trading Platform, First and Foremost In part, I blame the uneducated/uninformed investor for taking a loss on the downturn of Crypto. Shame on us. On the other hand, the crypto currency exchange markets, such as Coinbase, make it so easy to make a purchase of Bitcoin. The Coinbase exchange, iPhone app provides a “Simple” … Continue reading “Good til Canceled (GTC) Crypto”

Bitcoin has Dropped 52% since Jan 14 2022

On November 9th, 2021, Bitcoin BTC was valued at ~67k. I waited and bought in on January 14th at 43k. BTC. Like many others, I continued to buy in “on the dip” with an overall moderate investment. Months later I am in disbelief at the deep devaluation of cryptocurrencies across the board, specifically BTC, which … Continue reading “Bitcoin has Dropped 52% since Jan 14 2022”

NFT Markets without Cryptocurrency

Big Brands, Big Bucks, Minimizing Risks Several Digital Asset Marketplaces are using the NFT model without the “risk” of using volatile cryptocurrency, i.e. value fluctuations of crypto, e.g. Ethereum. In NFT Marketplaces we don’t have to buy and sell using cryptocurrency? A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of … Continue reading “NFT Markets without Cryptocurrency”

Mint Comparison (Part Two): verse

Before reading this post, it’s suggested you read Part One focused on the NFT Marketplace – The Basics Select “Mint an Item” from the main menu on the page header. Mintable allows you to share your existing NFTs already minted from another NFT marketplace, or mint a new item. Note: not all NFTs … Continue reading “Mint Comparison (Part Two): verse”

Mint Comparison (Part One): verse

Evolving, Fluid Functionality of NFT Marketplaces Let me start out by saying, the NFT marketplaces’ functionality are very fluid, so what I’m about to describe today, may change in the days or weeks ahead. The goal of this post is to familiarize the reader with the Minting process, compare two minting processes from separate NFT … Continue reading “Mint Comparison (Part One): verse”

Information Architecture Basics

Leveraging Information Architecture to allow for the portability of NFTs to 3rd party platforms such as massive multiplayer online gaming.

NFTs Accelerate Adoption with Sports Memorabilia

Sweet Spot for Digital Collectables – collecting sports memorabilia has flourished as far as I can remember. Kids are indoctrinated into collecting baseball cards here in the US at an early age. So why the “Wait and See” attitude from athletes and clubs hesitant to dive into the NFT marketplace?

There are many types of NFTs produced classified as”art” in some shape or form. These NFTs, in some cases, are met with mixed skepticism, but Sports Memorabilia is not in the same “asset class”. Sports have a global following with a massive influx of capital from all sorts of sources. Not being “all in” with developing Sports NFTs is a missed opportunity, and let me tell you why…

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